Monday, January 18, 2016

Medical Mission 2015: Feeding Program in Tondo, Manila

The feeding program in Tondo, Manila was by far one of the most heart breaking scenario many of us have seen in our lives. When we arrived, the first few things I noticed were the row of sacks with recyclable trash lined up on the street, the wet unpaved road and the overcrowded houses and the skinny kids running around, who were barefoot and not fully clothed.

Medical Mission 2015: Feeding Program Baguio City

Another addition to the ministries of MedMission2000 Inc., which started last year was the feeding program. The gospel was shared to the kids and parents on the first hour. The kid's were divided into two different age groups, where I had a privilege to help assist in one of the classes. The parents were put to another room and also got the chance to hear the gospel, testimonies and pray. After the teaching hour, they were fed with some yummy rice porridge topped with egg and then they were gathered to a room where they were able to get some free school supplies and clothes. What a joy to witness their smiles and their gratefulness after they received their food and the little packages prepared for them.

Medical Mission 2015: A Little Challenge

Every medical mission trip is different from the other. Every year we experience different challenges, this year, one of them was flight delay. Our flight from BWI experienced some mechanical issue that caused us to be late to our next flight. We were suppose to get our connecting flight from Detroit but because of the delay we had to move to the airport in Atlanta and had to wait until the following day. Thankfully, they provided a place for us to spend the night until we were able to get our next flight.

Medical Mission 2015: Prison Ministry

The prison ministry has been added to the MedMission2000 Inc. structure since 2014 and we continued it this year and mostly on the next year to come. This years venue was the Baguio City Jail and this time we decided that it will be a ministry to be carry on by men only.